We offer free, honest, instant appraisals and pay the most for your items of value. We also sell, buy, and loan on jewelry, watches, gold, diamonds, luxury handbags, artwork, sports memorabilia, musical instruments and high end jewelry, and almost anything of value. We are one of the only pawn shops to offer 1% Short term Loans.

What Types of Items Do you Buy?

We buy many types of items including gold, jewelry, watches, musical instruments and much more.
A partial list is included below but, feel free and give us a call and we will tell you on the phone if we are interested.


Jewelry is one of those items that just holds its value very well. (Which is a good thing when you are looking to pawn or sell it) The typical pieces of jewelry that we buy are either Gold, Silver, or Platinum and may or may not have diamonds. We also buy high end watches such as Rolex. Rings, bracelets, charms, necklaces, pendants. You name it. If it’s gold, silver, or platinum – we’ll buy it!


We buy or pawn many types of instruments including: guitars, keyboards, amplifiers, microphones, band instruments and much more.

Musical instruments are not quite as popular in the pawnshop as the previous items in this article, but they can still get you some quick cash!


Last but not least – the tools. You simply can’t walk into a pawnshop without seeing a shelf full of different tools. It’s just a fact of life. Power, pneumatic, and hand tools are popular items in the pawnshop. They are typically much less expensive than retail price, which means they don’t have a very high value – but they can still get you some quick cash when you need it!

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